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  Enthone-OMI is a worldwide leader providing high-performance specialty chemicals to the Electronics, Surface Finishing, and Decorative industries.

Enthone-OMI develops, manufactures, sells, and services over 4,000 specialty products used by industry for engineering, functional,
or decorative applications. High-performance coatings and surface treatments add value to base materials. Metal and non-metallic substrates acquire durability, corrosion resistance, or other performance or decorative characteristics.

Enthone-OMI products are only one ingredient in a total service approach.
No less important are seamless global product support, technical training, accelerated development of innovative new technologies, environmental guidance, and worldwide product availability.

All major Enthone-OMI manufacturing sites worldwide are ISO 9002 certified. The ISO 9000 process solidifies the quality management
systems, providing a strong foundation on which to base Enthone-OMI’s Total Quality-Continuous Improvement culture.

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