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  Corrosion and Wear Resistant Coatings:

Electroless nickel for corrosion protection and wear resistance
   on automobile parts, oil and gas industry equipment,
   medical instruments, and aerospace components.
Zinc and zinc alloy coatings, chromate coatings,
   and organic topcoats to protect ferrous metals.
Copper and tin plating processes.
Surface conditioners to clean metallic and non-metallic substrates
   prior to plating; metal strippers for the selective removal of metallic
   deposits from basis metals.

Decorative Coatings:

Copper/nickel/chromium finishes for automobile grills, trim,
    and bumpers, metal furniture, and household appliances.
Precious metals for fine jewelry, optical frames, watch cases,
    writing instruments, and gift ware.
Clear and colored water-based electrophoretic lacquers to replace
    solvent-based systems.
Environmentally friendly finishes to replace traditional chromium plating
    on hand tools, appliances, metal furniture, and door/drapery hardware.

Electronics Materials:

For fabrication and assembly of printed wiring boards.
Metallic coatings to shield plastic housings of computers,
    telecommunications equipment, and other electronic devices against
    electromagnetic interference (EMI).
High performance coatings for electronic connectors advanced plating
    technologies for electronic packaging, microelectronic components,
    and semiconductor manufacturing.